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“Unfurl” is a song that speaks to the spring season and the beauty of opening oneself up to new experiences. The song explores themes of rebirth, growth, and self-discovery when life sometimes spirals out of control.

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Day In, Day Out

An electronica piece about the things we hold on to subconsciously and can't let go of. The "crazies" that follow us around day in, day out.

It was included in Cult MTL's top 100 Montreal songs of 2020 and featured on TV show "Good Trouble" streaming on Freeform and Hulu.

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Moon I

A solemn ballad that primarily deals with isolation and loneliness. And how easy it is to fall into darkness when left to our own devices.

The song made Hype Machine's "Most Blogged About Artists" list on the week of its release.

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The Moon and I is a solo music project from Montreal-based indie artist Eric Nguyen. A classically trained pianist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

His sound has been described as dreamlike and melancholic. Drawing comparisons to artists like Thom Yorke and James Blake. His musical palette mixes warm analog synths, electronic drum loops, and acoustic piano.

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