The Moon and I (stylized as "The Moon & I") is a solo music project from Montreal-based indie artist Eric Nguyen. A classically trained pianist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

A builder at heart, he originally graduated with a degree in Architecture, but later worked as a designer and front-end developer for many years. His interest to be involved in every aspect of production has translated to his music work where he writes, produces, and releases everything by himself.

His sound has been described as dreamlike and melancholic, drawing comparisons to Thom Yorke and James Blake. His musical palette mixes experimental analog synths, drum loops, and piano.


The single "Moon I" was critically lauded by tastemaker blogs like Obscure Sound, Gig Goer, and Crack in the Road. Its success made him one of the most blogged about artists on HypeMachine on its release. His single "Day In, Day Out" was included in Cult MTL's top 100 Montreal songs of 2020 and featured on TV show "Good Trouble" streaming on Freeform and Hulu. He was also selected to be part of RBCxMusic and Launchpad's 2022 Entrepreneurial program for emerging artists, and the SOCAN/TD Incubator program.


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Select quotes & mentions for The Moon and I

Hype Machine

Included in Hype Machine's "Most Blogged About Artists" on the week of the single Moon I's release.

Obscure Sound

A darkly consuming ballad, “Moon I” is a rousing achievement from The Moon & I, the project of Montreal-based artist Eric Nguyen. The weary, emotive vocal presence converges with a haunting piano tone and wispy textural synth — aesthetically bearing a fond likeness to Robert Wyatt.

Cult MTL

Included as part of the newspaper's Top 100 Montreal Songs of 2020.
Because it sounds grand, even if it’s the work of one.

Gig Goer

If you need to take a moment or even several moments, the ideal song to accompany that is the latest from The Moon & I titled Moon I.

The grandness of the presence of the bold piano and the delicacy of the vocals create an impeccable pairing on Moon I. As the track ebbs and flows from verse to chorus, it amounts into a robust yet compassionate atmospheric moment.

Dealing lyrically with moments of seclusion and lonesomeness, some strong themes experienced this year by most people, the song resonates more than ever.

Le Canal Auditif

On se trouve dans une pop onirique, sûrement inspirée d’artistes tels Thom Yorke, grâce au piano flottant de la pièce. La chanson de The Moon & I touche à la santé mentale : les pensées qui nous tracassent jour et nuit, qui nous définissent sans qu’on ne s’en rende compte.

Phonograph Me

(Translated): As the artist himself mentions, this song takes on new meaning in times of pandemic, and perhaps that is why, in its acoustic version, it touched my heart so much. (...)And whenever I hear it, I feel chils, which causes me to smile and leaves me full of heart and soul.


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