Birthday Waltz | Lyrics

When the clock hits twelve tonight
And the sun rises
Another candle will be lit for you
And shine through the night
All your friends gather to see you
To celebrate your day

And they sing:
‘’Happy Birthday to you’’‘
’Happy Birthday to you’’

Champagne, gifts and little songs
Just for you
Big smiles in the hour after
Because of you
Forget your troubles and just listen
Can you hear us?

As we sing:
‘’Happy Birthday to you’’
‘’Happy Birthday to you’’

Oh, pesty little thoughts
What will be, will be
What we’ll be, we’ll see
Close, close your eyes and rest
Slip into a dream
Dream yourself to sleep
Please don’t you just fall down
When you have so much and
You don’t know how lucky you are

But for now, but for now
Before you leave me
I just wanted to say:
Happy Birthday to you
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