Rainy Morning Blues | Lyrics

Another lazy raining soothing morning trickling down my window bay
Should I stay home today?Just be a bum that way?
Well I’ve got the Rainy Morning Blues

Getting out of bed will be my greatest act of bravery today
Is that alarm still buzzing?
Annoyingly persistent!
Just snooze five minutes more away

Not crazy enough to leave this warm and cozy beautiful old blanket
And face the morning coldness
I’d rather dream than do this
And listen to the raindrops falling down

Wake Up
Sleep In
Well I’m sleeping in today

Suppose I should be studying ‘cause I am falling fast behind
Textbooks don’t read themselves
But TV needs my helpI owe it for shaping up my mind

Procrastinating everyday will make a better life tomorrow
So don’t get up so soonI guess it’s only normal
We all get the Rainy Morning Blues

I don’t know
Do you?
Will you let me know?
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